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Punta Allen Fishing Club is located about 50m from the beach.


It has 5 rooms for guests and a large lounge where there is a bar and where guests have their meals.


The managers themselves are avid saltwater fly fishermen, the lodge serves multicultural cuisine (including Mexican specialties).


From November to March the lodge can accommodate 8 guests (3 double and 2 single), from April to July for 10 guests (3DZ, 2EZ and a suite with space for 2 fishermen or one family).


"Mi casa es tu casa" is lived here par excellence and leads to a cozy atmosphere with a high feel-good factor.

Two anglers share a guide and a boat (panga); The Pangas are about 6m long, but despite their size they are very well suited for fly fishing from the boat. In front there is a big casting platform for the angler. All boats have reliable engines, coolers, rod holders, etc. on board. The first flats are accessible about 10 minutes from the lodge. Naturally, wading opportunities also exist.

A normal fish day starts at 8 am and ends at 4 pm. Lunch is served during a suitable break and packed lunches are available from the lodge. 

Ascension Bay

Fly fish Mexico, saltwater destination, Skiff from Punta Allen Fishing Club, Fly fish saltwater flats for bonefish, permit or tarpon, Ascension Bay.

Fly fishing for everyone, whether beginner or expert.


The flats seem to be almost endless and offer something of everything - bonefish on flats, permit on flats as deep as a meter or tarpon in mangrove forests.


In addition, variety by other fish species.


The season is year-round (except August-October). Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpon as well as Snook, Jacks, Barracudas, Ladyfish and Snapper are catching throughout the season. 


One week shared guide and room: USD 2.950


2,5% discount

Fly fish Mexico, saltwater destination, Fly fisher at Punta Allen Fishing Club, Fly fish saltwater adventure at Ascension Bay for bonefish, permit and tarpon.

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