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If there was a list of recently discovered destinations that could be termed controversial, Kamchatka would be at the top of the list.

Many will tell you of the wonderful rainbow trout and steelhead fishery and have stories and photos to back it up.  Others talk about the travel hardships and logistical nightmares for a relatively average fishing experience. Ok, it is the second category. However, it certainly is an adventure and you definitely can “hit it right.”  

Our recommendation is consider a trip if you hunger for the adventure of visiting Russia because that part of the experience does make it unique and worth some hassles. There are many options in fishing Kamchatka from a few permanent lodges, to float trips utilizing stationary camps with huts, to the very remote “roughing it” float trips with tent camps set up each night. We work with the providers of all the options.

The Zhupanova & other Rivers

The Kamchatka Peninsula, on the eastern edge of Russia, has been called by sports fishermen the “new Alaska.” This giant peninsula (roughly 25% longer that the state of California) is largely unsettled and, unlike the “old Alaska,” uncrowded and has many intriguing rivers flowing into the oceans. Many of those rivers are home to what several believe is the world’s best wild rainbow trout fishery (certainly, the only collection of wild rainbow photos we’ve seen to rival those came from Jurassic Lake and its Barrancoso River in Argentina).


Kamchatka does not have the array of world class lodges that dot Alaska – many think this is part of the appeal of this wilderness. Rather, there are only a couple of remote lodges which fall short of the ambiance of a top notch Alaska lodge. Most of the fishing is done from float trips. The float trips vary from the real “rough it” type camping trip to the more tame floats which use stationary camps and cabins along the way for lodging. 


the Fishery

Options & Rates

There are just a few stationary fishing lodges in Kamchatka. Most visitors use a float trip of some sort to explore their wilderness. All trips depart via helicopter from Petropavlovsk, the entry city for the Kamchatka Peninsula. If you want to really rough it, there are float trips where tents are put up each night for accommodations. One outfitter doesn’t even decide which river they are going to float until they are ready to depart from Petropavlovsk via copter. This gives them the opportunity to gauge conditions and weather up to the last minute before deciding on a destination river. Variable weather is often a factor.

Pricing is going to be in the area of $6.000 to $7.000 per person for a week which includes almost everything after you arrive in Petropavlovsk 


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Logistics in getting to Kamchatka from for example the USA have never been easy, however, during the last few years they were extremely difficult as they canceled the flight from Anchorage to the entry city in Kamchatka, Petropavlovsk. In 2012, they reinstituted that flight making it a relatively short, approximately four hour flight from Anchorage (the latitude of Kamchatka is similar to British Columbia).


After arriving in Petropavlovsk, you board a Russian army helicopter for a flight with spectacular scenery to the river you will be fishing. On my trip years ago, we used a helicopter that had fought in Afghanistan and had bullet holes in the fuselage.


The choices of rivers and outfitters are numerous ranging from float trips for the very hardy outdoorsman to the more tame float experience referenced in a lodge stay. The Kamchatka Peninsula is an immense wilderness and this trip is a real adventure into a pristine area of Russia with some of the world’s finest trout fishing available. No worries, we organize your personal trip perfect! 

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