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You are looking for a challenging dorado fly fishing action?


You are right at Dorado Cuá Lodge in Argentina!


Mario Battiston, was a renowned angler who pioneered in fishing Dorados on a fly.


What you have to know. 

Mario Battiston passed away on 3th of April 2019 (three days before I arrived at his lodge after his personal invitation, and after 1,5 years of intense communication). The spirit of Mario's great personalty was still there. I felt it all around.  What can I say: Argentina lost a great sportsman, a pioneer in Golden Dorado fishing, a perfect host for so many fishermen from all around the world, and his wife Monica lost a beloved husband. At my stay in April 2019 (5th to 9th) I met Monica, and the only thing I can say is that I wish her all the best for the future.  

It was a little bit difficult to "enjoy" the stay, but I had a great time at the lodge. The hospitality and the fishing were perfect as they could be in such a situation. I have to say thank you to Marie Luise, (service & cooking), to Alfredo (my experienced guide), and of course to Monika for the warm welcome, and last but not least to Mario, my friend in mind. Rest in peace. More details about my stay you will find at my trip report ARGENTINA 2019 'part two'. I can recommend this lodge to everybody who is looking for a Dorado action in the beautiful scenery of the Isoro Marshland - especially when you intent to come with some friends or a group of up to 8 people. The Dorado Cua Lodge will be a perfect place to enjoy a beautiful experience. I hope Monica will find somebody who will be there to host the international guests in the future. The lodge itself is a beautiful place to stay - I hope the owners will find a practical solution to operate the lodge in the future.


The Dorado Cua Lodge offers various programs for Dorado fly fishing, dove and partridge hunting, bird watching, etc.

Since 1966 we are specialist in Dorado Fly Fishing in one of the most precious areas of Argentina. This means the Iberá Reserve.

Mario Battiston meticulously selected guides are experts in fly fishing who know and understand the needs of every angler ensuring an unforgettable stay full of adventure and joy. The guides are pioneers in exploring the best places to get the best fish. They don’t constantly repeat the same places and they are always ready to find unexplored ones to give our fishermen the best. 

Fly fish North Argentina, destination, Dorado Cua Lodge, Golden Dorado Action, Fly fish freshwater destinations Isoro Marsh.

The Iberá and Isoró marshland area, is home of the “Dorado”, a member of the Salmon family (Salminus Maxilossus) of golden color which is always ready to attack the lure providing an exciting fight that will probably repeat several times for each angler during fishing day.

Our guests will have an incredible fishery for Dorado, Dog Fish and Giant Pirania. All this is only a short boat ride from the Dorado Cua Lodge away! There are also thousands of birds in the area, caymans and other animals in this habitat.


This is a new lodge recently inaugurated. Built by craftsmanship, using logs and local materials. The covered surface is 450 square meters. Situated opposite the fantastic islands and streams in a vast marshland formed by the Paraná and Isoro rivers. A very good area or even one of the best locations for fishing the Dorado, a fresh water fish also called Tiger of the River. Clear waters all the year around.

The lodge was built in this area so that the fisherman has less time travelling - more time for fishing!

Fly fish North Argentina, destination, Dorado Cua Lodge, Golden Dorado Action, Fly fish freshwater destinations Isoro Marsh.

Lodge and rooms have A/C, queen size beds and private bathrooms. Excellent large bedrooms of double occupancy with private bathrooms, delicious food and very good wines. We offer only the best for our guests!

Dorado Action

Fly Fishing only is practiced and we guarantee between 15 to 20 strikes a day, with the opportunity of catching 10 Dorados a day. Their weight will varies between 4 to 20 pounds. The best flies are dark coloured with something bright on them. We recommend 7-8 wt rods with sinking lines or "teenyline" 300’s.


We fish here on clear waters. The season starts in September and ends around mid of June. These months are the best for hunting Dorado.

Rates & Capacity

USD 2950.- /per fisherman -  6 full fishing days / 5 nights, include (for details please look at Travel Notes) 

FFTC Voucher available - 100 USD off for FFTC Members / fisherman / booking


Our rates are based on a double room accommodation (each room has 2 queen size beds). Whenever we have a single fisherman who wish to stay alone in a room or comes by himself, we charge and additional fee of 30% for a single use (similar as hotels do). If a fisherman arrives one day prior to the first fishing day, we charge USD 200 NET / day for an extra dinner and night.

Our total hotel capacity is 4 rooms. All rooms have 2 queen size beds and an private  en-suite bathroom. The rooms are big and all 4 overlook the "esteros". Therefor, we can take 8 fishermen as a maximum number at a time.

Fly fish North Argentina, saltwater destination, Crew of Dorado Cua Lodge, Golden Dorado Action, Fly fish freshwater destinations Isoro Marsh.

We are located in Corrientes Province in the North East of Argentina 25 miles away from the ancient and beautiful city of Mercedes in the heart of the most important sweet water reservoir in our planet, the Iberá Marshland. A natural sanctuary an area of 3.500.000 acres. Our beautiful resort is only 400 miles north from Buenos Aires.

Travel Note

Arrival at international airport Buenos Aires, meet and greet by the driver who will be showing a visible sign with your names on it. 

  • Transfer to a hotel for day use
  • free time to rest walk have lunch etc
  • until 06.30pm when driver takes you to the bus terminal waiting with them
  • until you get on the 08.00 pm overnight VOSA Luxury bus to San Isidro, where you meet Mario  
  • Non stop bus with service on board and full flat seats
  • Arrive destination at 05.00am next morning, 30 minutes transfer to the lodge on 4 wheel drive vehicles
  • Upon arrival, breakfast, get ready and out fishing until midday for lunch back at the lodge
  • Rest until 03.30pm, and out again until 08.00pm, back for a shower and get ready for dinner at 09.00pm.
  • The last day, dinner and leave the lodge at 08.00 pm to catch the bus at 10.00 pm back to Buenos Aires where the driver will meet you and take you to the airport


VOSA Bus offers full service on board, bathrooms, individual full flat seats, road hostess on board, hot and cold meals, wine, champagne, coffee, whisky.


  • Distance from the main road to the lodge is 8 miles
  • Spinning tackle per day rental, UD$. 25/day per rod
  • special flies, U$S 7 each

You dream about Dorado action? Please go in contact with us to plan and to book your personal trip. 

FFTC Member Contact

Mrs. Monica Battiston

Office : 12 de Octubre 919

(3450) Goya, Corrientes


phone: +54 9 3777 621396  whatsapp



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