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Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge

Special offers available

Fly-Fishing in Alaska is more than just a sport or passion - it’s a way of life.  


Once you have been bitten by the bug, you’re “hooked”.  So beware – fish the Alagnak River at your own peril, because once you’ve been there, once will never be enough. This is attested to by our many clients that come back every year to get their “fix”! A stay at ATA Lodge provides you with one of the most remote and stunningly beautiful locations on the planet to experience the very best of what Alaska Fly Fishing has to offer. Whether it be the sensation of a 35+lbs King Salmon pushing a double handed rod to its limits or seeing a 26-inch rainbow trout rise to crush a mouse pattern tied the previous evening or just the feeling that no one has ever fished these beautiful waters before; it has to be said that fishing on the Alagnak River is something very special. It brings us back to the reason we started fishing in the first place when we were children. For the sheer joy of it! For the thrill of a tight line, and the sound of a reel's drag screaming!



We are home to what is one of the largest runs of all five species of pacific salmon to be found in the same river anywhere in the world.


ATA Lodge has the unique privilege of offering the sport fishing enthusiast, one of the most dramatic dream destinations on the planet to target not only all five species of Pacific salmon, but also leopard rainbow trout, arctic grayling, arctic char, dolly varden, lake trout and even northern pike! While at ATA Lodge, you will have to constantly re-mind yourself to stop and appreciate the scenery because the fishing is so great. You may have heard the saying “it’s called fishing not catching”; but a stay at ATA Lodge can often seem like catching!







Location of the Lodge


ATA is situated on the remote banks of Alaska’s first ever designated Wild and Scenic River. Our location on the Alagnak Wild River makes ATA Lodge the perfect wilderness fishing retreat. Boasting a world-famous run of all five species of pacific salmon, the Alagnak is also home to a host of resident fish as well, such as leopard rainbow trout, arctic char and grayling. This prestigious river is located within the Katmai National Park, with its headwaters in the surrounding mountains and flowing into Bristol Bay. It is also famously known as “The Branch River” for its seemingly endless braids, where 10 miles of river can easily contain 30 miles of fishable waters. With such exclusive river access you are sure not to be bothered by any crowds.


The Alagnak River flows through a wild land of captivating landscapes and abundant wild-life. Meandering down this braided river, you will discover bald eagles perched atop spruce trees in boreal forests. You will gaze at moose browsing above the river bank in the wet sedge tundra as well as encounter unprecedented numbers of Alaskan brown bears feasting upon the salmon returning to our river to spawn! This is why we are considered by many who have visited Alaska numerous times, as having the "whole package". Like us, they have found what they had been looking for in an Alaska Fishing Trip fulling the vision of the Alaska they had always dreamed about!  


In the words of one of our clients,

"You have the best spot on an extremely rare river! I have fished all over Alaska for over 30 years since 1984 and if I had to pick just one place and only one to go back to, it would be your lodge on the Alagnak River!


For many, Alaska has always been a dream destination, somewhere they envision coming to only once in a lifetime. But once you get up here and experience all of what we have to offer, it will be hard to stay away. There is something about catching a huge Alaskan rainbow trout or salmon, surrounded by beauty beyond compare, that I believe calls to the deepest part in all of us.


The remoteness of of our location, ensures that it is a true pristine wilderness area, far away from the crowds and any modern intrusions. No combat fishing to be found here. You can spend most days without seeing another fisherman!  This is a true outdoors man's paradise, with crystal clear rivers full of a diverse and wide variety of hard fighting fish that are eager to grab a well-presented fly! And we have well over 100 miles of 3 rivers accessible by jet boat right form our lodge, with no need for expensive fly outs to find good fishing. What more could you ask for!



For the indoctrinated who have never heard of Bristol Bay, you could be forgiven for not realizing how this region stands head and shoulders above the rest. Those “in the know”, have discovered that Bristol Bay, in Southwest Alaska is hands down, the best fresh water salmon and trout fishing on the planet.  And the Alagnak Wild River stands proud among it’s peers as a “Gem in the Crown” of Bristol Bay.



The Home Waters


The Alagnak River

This prestigious river is located within Katmai National Park, with its headwaters in the surrounding mountains and draining into Bristol Bay. It is also known as the Branch River, for its seemingly endless braided river channels. Wading and fishing are made easy on the many small natural islands and gravel bars, which the river flow creates. The Alagnak has world-famous runs of all five species of Pacific salmon, and is home to a host of resident fish, such as leopard rainbow trout, arctic char and grayling, lake trout and pike. Crystal clear water allows for perfect stalking conditions, whilst slow runs and fast riffles are commonplace, with pools well suited to holding pods of staging salmon, often 35+ lbs., when targeting the kings. With hatches occurring throughout the season, it is not rare to see a resident trout or grayling rise. The Alagnak was designated a Wild & Scenic River in 1980 and is protected under the 1968 National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

We are open for business from June the 8th when the river opens up to angling after having been closed to protect the trout during their spawning activity. We are then open through late September. Although this is only a short period of time of approximately 14-15 weeks, you would be amazed at how the season changes from one week to the next.  You could actually come up to us 4 or more times in a single season at feel like you are fishing a different river.  That’s how much the fishing on the river changes with new fish moving in to the river from June through September.


In June, before the salmon arrive, we have some of the very best trout fishing found any-where! This is perhaps my favorite type of fishing and preferred time to be on the river. Why is that? Well, for the dedicated trout fisherman, June may well be considered the very best time of our season to come and fish both dry flies and streamers for leopard rainbow trout and gray-ling.  We definitely consider it the very best time of year for "mousing" up rainbows (and some grayling for that matter).  This is when we like to skate mouse patterns across the surface for exhilarating top water action!


Then by the end of June we start to see the first “scouts” of the Sockeye Salmon run entering the river. The Sockeye run last season continued all the way through mid-August!  The next species of salmon to join the parade will be the King or Chinook Salmon.  These river monsters average 18-25 lbs with fish up to 55-60 lbs a real possibility. The Kings will start to enter the river in late June, building in numbers and moving upstream in to our part of the river by mid-July. Chum Salmon are the next to arrive around mid-July and then they are joined a week later by the Pink Salmon on even numbered years like this year (2018, 2020, 2022, etc.).


We will start to catch good numbers of sea run char by this time as the egg drop starts in August. Fishing for other “egg eaters” like the Trout and Grayling is phenomenal at this time as well. August is a great time to catch a real “mixed bag” of fish, often catching 6, 7, 8, 9 or even up to 10 different species of fish on a single day! The first Silver Salmon (Coho) start to join the party the very end of July, but we don’t consider ourselves fishing for them until mid-August, and they are still coming in to the river and building in numbers when we close our doors for the season around the end of September.


September is considered our trophy rainbow trout, grayling and char time as they have fattened up on the eggs of so many salmon spawning in the river. We are switching over from drifting beads to swinging articulated streamers in flesh patterns for the big trout at the end of the sea-son. Silver Salmon (Coho) fishing remains excellent throughout the month of September!

Multiple years of healthy, big runs for all our various salmon species bodes well for the Alagnak Wild River! We anticipate that fishing will only get better, if that is possible, and our system will continue to fish well for years to come. Abundant food, in the form of salmon eggs, flesh, fry and smolt will continue to sustain this world class fishery for resident species such as leopard rainbow trout, arctic grayling and char. All those spawning salmon mean that future runs should also re-main strong into the foreseeable future as this natural spectacle and “cycle of life” on the river continues!


The Nonvianuk River

The Nonvianuk River runs 11-miles from its mouth at Nonvianuk Lake to where it meets the Kukaklek River to form the Alagnak. The Nonvianuk river is mostly class 2 technical water, with many bolder gardens and shallow sections. Surrounded by rolling hills of tundra, there is a very “open feel” to the Nonvianuk River and it is a beautiful place to fish or spend a day wildlife viewing. The upper 4 miles of this river is the most productive and much like the Kukaklek it holds an abundance of trout. The outlet of Nonvianuk Lake is a very popular fly-out location for many lodges in Bristol Bay, but for us it is just a scenic boat ride away. Early in the season a huge number of salmon smolt migrate out of the lake and through the river system and during that time become the primary target of ravenous Lake Trout and Rainbows.


The Kukaklek River

Flowing out of Kukaklek Lake the river runs 19-miles through mostly fast flowing technical water until it reaches the confluence and joins with the Nonvianuk river to form the Alagnak. The Kukaklek is well known for its short section of narrow, class 3 rapids contained by steep canyon walls. What is less known is that a section of this rapids creates a small waterfall with an easily accessible, natural overlook which is perfect for viewing feeding bears in the height of the salmon run. When fishing this unique river, we spend most our time either in the lower 5 miles or the upper 6 miles which are ideal for targeting Rainbow Trout. The upper section near the mouth of the lake is particularly good trout fishing, in particular as the salmon start to spawn.





Comfort Lodge Packages

This package includes all meals during your stay. 6 days of guided lodge based river experiences, whether it be fishing, wildlife- viewing or adventure activities. Comfortable heated riverfront cabin with access to toilet and hot showers only a few steps away from your cabin door, or en-suite toilet and hot showers. You will arrive on Sunday, and activities begin Monday through Saturday with departure on the following Sunday. 

Loding & Guiding Rates available for:


 7 Nights stay / 6 Days guiding for USD 5.750 


Special offer for FFTC Members

10 % discount



 Swiss Chalet Packages

Suited for large groups or families our beautiful Swiss Chalet is a 2,200sq ft. cedar building which overlooks the rest of the lodge and the surrounding scenic area. The Chalet is fully equipped with kitchen, living space, dining table, log burning fireplace, toilet and hot shower. Your group will enjoy six days of guided river experience, whether it be fishing, wildlife- viewing or adventure activities. This package also includes all meals during your stay. The price is the same no matter the size of your group (maximum 8), but when 8 are sharing, the price per person is the lowest cost package per person we offer at the lodge.


Loding & Guiding Rates available for:


 7 Nights stay / 6 Days guiding for USD 40.250 up to 8 people 


Special offer for FFTC Members

10 % discount



Safari Style Fixed Spike Packages

For those who think a toilet and bed is too extravagant and would rather spend their nights in a tent surrounded by the stars and sounds of the wild, we have the perfect package for you. Our guests will stay in a tent camp on the lower Alagnak river hosted by professional guides and targeting primarily fresh sea-run salmon.  There is a possibility for Rainbow Camps near the Lake Outlets early season in June as well. Like our lodge based packages you will arrive on Sunday, fish Monday through Saturday and depart on the following Sunday.

Your meals are included, and your help around camp is expected.              


Camping & Guiding Rates available for:


 7 Nights stay / 6 Days guiding for USD 3.495 



Special offer for FFTC Members

10 % discount



Guided Float Trip

If you are more in tune with nature and would rather spend your days floating down river on a raft, evenings setting up camp and sleeping in tent under the stars, then our float trip package is right up your ally.  You will be dropped off with your guide at the source of the river and picked up miles downstream 7 days later. You will be expected to help with the setting up and breaking down of camp each day as well as other daily chores. Like our lodge based packages you will arrive on Sunday, fish Monday through Saturday and depart on the following Sunday.

All meals included.


Camping & Guiding Rates available for:


 7 Nights stay / 6 Days guiding for USD 3.495 



Special offer for FFTC Members

10 % discount


Unguided Float Trip

And finally, for the extreme Chuck Norris types out there, we provide a do it yourself float trip package.  We will send you and/or your group, off on this adventure trip with everything you need, from pots and pans to the rafts and tents you will be spending your days and nights in. This is a great way to live out your childhood dream of pitting yourself against a remote Alaskan river, with just a rod in hand, and no one to answer to.  Now I like a warm bed and flush toilet myself, but don’t let me stop you from living your dream! Like our lodge based packages you will arrive on Sunday, fish Monday through Saturday and depart on the following Sunday. Bring your own food.


Rates available for:


 7 Nights stay / 6 Days guiding for USD 2.495 



Special offer for FFTC Members

10 % discount



Not included in the prices of the packages:

1 - All flights from origin to final destination including return Air Taxi Charter Flight from the town of King Salmon to ATA Lodge (approx USD 375 per person subject to change)

2 - Local Bed Tax and National Park User Fee (approx USD 175 per person subject to change)

3 - Alaska Fishing License (approx USD 70 per person for 7 dsys) and King Salmon Stamp (approx USD 45 per person per week if required)

4 - USD 35 per fish box (if taking fish home)

5 - Gratuity (recommended 10 to 15% of the full retail package per person per week)

6 -  Any Alcohol is bring your own. (We offer a complimentary glass of wine with dinner ) 








We are offering a Last Minute "Bed Filler" Special for the 2020 Season which is about to start - That's USD 1,000 to USD 1,830 off our normal price of USD 5,750 per person depending on the week during periods where we still have empty beds available.

Email us to find out what weeks still have availability.


Please go in contact with us to plan your fishing trip in Alaska. 





These “Fly Outs” are a unique way to see Alaska from the air and spend a day either fishing or wildlife viewing in a variety of remote wilderness locations. Here we have a short list of our most popular locations. Each location changes with the season and we have full details when you arrive at the lodge.



Brooks River: Rainbow trout, Arctic Char, Sockeye Salmon, Bear Viewing, Culture Tour.

Upper or Lower Contact Creek: Rainbow trout, Arctic Char, Grayling, Chum Salmon, Bear Viewing.


Gertrude Creek: Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Grayling.


Naknek River: Trophy Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char.


Moraine Creek: Trophy Rainbow Trout, Sockeye Salmon, Bear viewing.


Kulik River: Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Arctic Char, Sockeye Salmon, Bear viewing.


Ugashik Narrows: Trophy Char, Sockeye Salmon, Silver Salmon, Grayling.


Featherly Creek: Arctic Char, Sockeye Salmon, Grayling.


Walrus Viewing: on the Alaskan Peninsula.


National Parks Tour: Katmai, Becharof, Lake Clark.


If you would like to know more about our “Fly Out” options, please feel free to contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to answer any questions.


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