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Jaguar Explorer Camp

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Jungle Camp at its best!

Massive Arapaima, huge catfish, freshwater stingrays, Peacock Bass, Payara, Pacu, Couti, Coby and much, much more ...

Amazon-Angler’s exclusive Jaguar Explorer Camp trip offers so much to do and see for solo anglers, couples, fishing partners and families (with kids of 9yrs and above). 

Based on the main Essequibo River below the Kurupukari crossing, we will also fish the Siparuni River which is a main tributary of the Essequibo.


With many miles to explore, this is an exciting area to fish and is the most popular of all of our Amazon-destinations in South America.





The Camp


This is a mobile fishing camp that takes you to the best fishing and as such the accommodation is mobile too. Each angler has their own big-man tent - 10ft x 9ft x 6ft 6in tall with a blow-up mattress all to themselves.  That’s more than enough to fit you, your gear and a double mattress!! 

The camp will be set up under the trees in the shade, with a great view of the river to wake up to. With a mobile kitchen, home-made breads and cakes will assault your nose. With real camp cooking and some BBQ’s along the way, with three square meals a day, this is a great way to camp during a fishing trip!

Cold beers and soft drinks/water etc. are all included (within reason – we are not in the job of providing 20 beers a day per angler!) and a couple of bottles of local El Dorado rum will also be available. Anyone wishing to bring any other and more liquor, please buy this beforehand.


Monster Arapaima and Catfish

We really do have some RIVER MONSTERS here, with massive Arapaima and also huge Cats, from the unusual up to big bruising bullies. All can be caught on cutbait, livebait or whole dead fish. 

Arapaimas are old, ancient beasts that are very prehistoric-looking, with armoured-plating over their entire bodies, yet they can be so delicate after being landed. They live in quiet backwater and bays, usually in low oxygenated water and grow to over 500lbs and 4m in length! We only use circle hooks for these Giants to avoid any belly-hooked fish. Great care is needed to revive these Leviathans before returning them to the lagoon.

Two species of Surubim or Shovel-nosed Tiger Cats are both fast, sleek and strike hard. These hiroglyphically-marked predators are also caught on lures. Growing to over 50lbs, they are powerful fish to catch.

The Leopard or Jundia Cat is a dynamite of a fish for its size. Averaging 15lbs, they max out at about 25lbs and are the tastiest fish in the Amazon. 

The express train Banana Fish or Redtail Cats must be rated as the hardest-fighting Cats in the whole Amazon for their size. An 80lb Redtail will take you all over the river and strips line in reel-smoking, screaming runs. 

Jau Cats are the Rottweillers of the river dwell in the rocks and fast water and will take you deep in their caves! Gentle persuasion followed by brute force is needed to land these giants.

THE King of all our Cats, the Giant Freshwater Shark/Lau-lau /Piraiba. This leviathan grows to over 400lbs and when hooked, roars off at 100 miles an hour. It make take you couple of hours to land one of these huge fish. 


Other species and oddities

There are so many other species for the avid angler to catch who is willing to go that extra mile. In late March/April, anglers can also catch fruit and nut-eating fish like big Red and Silver Pacu, Couti, Aracu and many more scaled species all day long.

All these smaller scaled species make for great fresh Catfish bait too! Plenty of European anglers enjoy what is classified as ‘coarse fishing’, and an angler could easily ‘bag-up’ with sweetcorn, dough, bread, nuts, fruits, potato, fish strips or freshwater snails.  

Electric Eels, Stingrays, Bottlenose all make up this weird world of wonderful fish species. There are also many other species still to be discovered by many foreign fishermen and we have them all.

Plenty of European anglers enjoy what is classified as ‘coarse fishing’, and an angler could easily ‘bag-up’ with sweetcorn, dough, bread, nuts, fruits, potato, fish strips or freshwater snails.  


Predators Galore

There is such a diversity of predatory species to be caught in these rivers. With lures, flies, jigs, spoons, cut baits and other baits, dozens of different fish will keep the avid angler busy the whole trip. Our top species count to date is 26!!

Hard-fighting ‘Yellow’ Peacock Bass are some of the toughest and meanest Cichla species found anywhere in the Amazon Rainforest. These amazing predators can be caught on medium-sized walk-the-dog lures like spooks and skitter walks, small poppers, propbaits and on jigs, flies and minnow baits. They will smash topwater lures with aba the slash-and-grab Payara/Vampire Fish and the Pike-like Bicuda visibly chase surface lures, minnowbaits, jigs and flies in the faster water. They are often seen crashing on baitfish on the surface. Payara will take cutbait/strips too. Monkey Fish/Arowana also make a regular appearance and will annihilate topwater lures, minnowbaits and jigs.

Giant Black Piranhas and Coby/Pescada can also be caught using cutbait, or small lures, spoons and lures deep-jigged in the deeper pools and runs. 




Destination: Virgin watersheds

Country: Guyana (ex-British Guyana)

Season: September to April

Trip Type: Mobile Tented Accommodation


Species: Arapaima, ‘Yellow’ Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Hymara / Wolf Fish ~ Payara ~ big Black Piranha, Pescada / Cobi ~ Couti ~ huge Red Pacu and Silver Pacu ~ MONSTER Lau/Freshwater Shark / Piraiba Cats ~ Redtail Cats ~ Tiger / Shovel nosed Cats ~ Jandia Cats & many other incidental species


Description: Adventure fishing deep into the jungle on unfished waters

Approx Cost: From USD 3,250

Number of days: 6 or 9 days fishing



September to April 


USD 3.250 pp for six days full fishing days and 9 nights 

USD 3.950 pp for nine days full fishing days and 12 nights 


  • Included: 12 nights with two nights at hotel/guesthouse on 1st day of arrival and night of return from jungle, return flights GT/jungle airstrip/GT, 10 nights at camp with nine full days guided fishing, daily laundry, local transfers, all meals, water, soft drinks and beer.  

 * Reduce above agenda by 3 days if taking 6 day fishing trip.                  

  • Not included: International airfares, tipping (suggested USD $150 - $200 per person to be divided between guides and camp staff), meals and drinks other than in camp, liquor or other drinks other than above, costs associated with medical advice and medications for your trip, lures, fishing tackle etc.  



 5% discount



Transfer - Schedules

  • Day 1: Arrive in Cheddi Jagan or Ogle International Airports in Georgetown, transfer and overnight at Guest House/ Hotel. 
  • Day 2: Transfer to Ogle Airport mid-morning afternoon and charter flight to jungle airstrip. Onwards by boat to first camp nearby. 
  • Day 3-11: nine (9) days guided fishing, overnight at camp in tented accommodations. The camp will move every two days.    
  • Day 12: Depart camp early morning by boat back to airstrip and onwards flight to GT and overnight at hotel. 
  • Day 13: Transfer to airport for flight home.


We help you to plan your trip - just contact us! We appreciate to help you to make your dreams about a real adventure trip come true.

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