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Tucunaré lodge

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Adrenaline pur - Jungle Adventure in Columbia

The Rio Vichada is one of the few under-fished rivers in Colombia and monster peacock bass over 26 pounds have been caught here.

The owners of the Tucunaré Lodge have made an agreement with the indigenous communities and have been granted special permission to operate in the river and lagoons that have never before fished. For this very reason, to keep the area as untouched as possible, we will host groups with a maximum of 8 anglers per week.

We have designed a fishing trip over 6 days with 4 days’ fishing for giant peacock bass and other species on the Rio Vichada and its many lagoons, followed by 2 full days’ fishing on the famous Rio Orinoco for big payara/vampire fish, golden sardinata, catfish and other species.  

It’s a real chance to catch a huge peacock bass on the fly. 

Being near the lagoon system of the Rio Vichada with all the comforts of a lodge, we contrast the other operators in the area, so you can fish from 6 am to 6 pm and part of the night, besides being in places with less fishing pressure.



Included: Six full days of fishing; 7 nights at the lodge, all meals while at lodge, open bar, return flights Bogota/Puerto Inirida/Bogota, fishing licenses, guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat).





The Lodge


There are four double cabins with private bathroom for each cabin, and there are fans in the rooms if clients require, even though the surrounding area is cool overnight. All beds will have fresh sheets each day and laundry is done daily.


The Fishing

There is superb topwater action for the fly or lure angler to be had with giant Three-Barred, Royal, Popoca / Monoculus and Butterfly Peacock Bass using surface prop baits, poppers and stick baits / super spooks in the many lagoons, against the submerged trees, off points and along the banks.

Excellent subsurface action can also be had using minnow baits, bucktail jigs with extended tails and other lures and flies. In the river as well as a myriad of cats to stretch your string, there is an abundance of many other predators including Payara, Bicuda, Matrinchá / Bocon, Sardinata, Pirapitinga / Morocoto.

Fly fishing is a wonderful way not only to target Peacock Bass, but also to search out other species with amazing results, especially on the Orinoco. Most of the faster species found in or near rapids and fast water, like Bicuda, Pirapitinga / Morocoto and Payara, will rip line off your reel at a blistering pace and stripping gloves should be worn to avoid cuts and burns.

Pirapitinga / Morocoto are predominantly nut and fruit foragers but will take jigs, spoons, lures and flies with abandon when the river is low and fruits are unavailable. These fish can grow huge!

Cats include Surubim / Tiger, Jundia / Leopard, Jau, Redtails, Dorado / Golden and ‘White’ Piraiba.



Destination: Tucunaré Lodge – Rio Vichada

Area: Rio Orinoco Watershed

Country: Colombia

Season: October - November: Catfish, Payaras, Sardinatas.

December – May: Peacock Bass, Payara, Catfish, Pirapitinga/Morocoto

Trip Type: Jungle adventure fishing trip – Rustic Lodge

Species: Four species of Peacock Bass to go at for the avid fly angler including The Giant Three-Barred, Royal, Popoca/Monoculus and Butterfly Peacock Bass, Payara, Bicuda, Matrinchá/Bocon, Sardinata, Pirapitinga/Morocoto and Mixed Cats Including Surubim/Tiger, Jundia/Leopard, Jau, Redtails, Dorado/Golden and ‘White’ Piraiba.

Description: Rustic cabins in the middle of the Amazon jungle

Approx Cost: USD 3,250 per angler* for an all-inclusive trip 

No of days: 9 Day Trip with 6 Full Days’ Fishing



Season wise, from October to December the water levels drop and the river starts to recede out of the flooded jungle. From January - April/May the levels remain within the river banks.  Peacock bass are easier to target and while most cats and other predators can be found all season, the latter end is better due to lower water levels and ease of finding them.



USD 3.250 pp for six full fishing days, 7 nights at the lodge, and 9 day trip


  • Included: Six full days of fishing; 7 nights at the lodge, all meals while at lodge, open bar, return flights Bogota/Puerto Inirida/Bogota, fishing licenses, guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat). We have basic tackle at the lodge that can be lent to anglers on a ‘you-break-or-lose-you-pay’ basis but we advise all anglers to bring their own personal gear and lures.
  • Not Included: International and national air transportation to and from cities to and in Colombia unless specified above, any hotel stays, airport transfers, tipping, lures, daily laundry (to be charged for separately), passports, visas (no one needs a visa to enter Colombia), meals in the city or elsewhere other than at the lodge, costs associated with medical advice and medications for your trip.
  • NB. Anglers all need to bring with them an up-to-date yellow fever inoculation certificate.                                                                                            



 5% discount



Transfer - Schedules

  • Day 1:  Arrival in the city of Bogota and taxi to the hotel.
  • Day 2: TOUR STARTS - Fly from Bogota to Puerto Inirida and boat transfer to the lodge.
  • Day 3 - 8 : Six full days of fishing.
  • Day 9: Travel back to Puerto Inirida, fly to Bogota and onwards journey home. – TOUR ENDS


We help you to plan your trip - just contact us! We appreciate to help you to make your dreams about a real adventure trip come true.

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