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Fly Fishing Adventures

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The Amazon, a truly unique spot for a fly fishing adventure - and adventure definitely applies to this trip. 


What we enjoyed the most about this trip is that it was so different from all the other salt water or fresh water trips we’ve taken.


The Agua Boa Lodge is the finest facility in the Peacock Bass world. The Peacock Bass is a terrific sport fish on a fly.  It grows to large sizes (15 and 20+ pound fish are not uncommon) and is a beautiful finned creature. They are aggressive takers and, when the water levels are right, the norm is 150 to 300 fish weeks. Of the many other species that are available, the Arowana is the most spectacular because you can stalk them near the surface and take them on top.

Our destination of choice is a “fly fishing, catch and release only” lodge – the only one of its kind in the Amazon. It is located on a unique clear water river which facilitates sight fishing and, because its located in a special nature preserve, can only be fished by clients of this particular lodge located at the Agua Boa River.

Protection for the Fishery

The Agua Boa is a special Amazon river, running clear water most of the time which makes sight fishing possible. So many of the Amazon waters are “black water” and are hammered by gear fishermen chucking large plugs. There are government restrictions in place for the unique waters of the Agua Boa limiting it to fly fishing, catch/release, single hook barbless fishing only.

The upper 7/8’s of the river are covered by these permits. They are in the process of getting these same restrictions placed on the lower 1/8. There may be limited places in the Amazon where more Peacock Bass of a few pounds over 20 are available. However, no where is the fishery, wildlife, and overall Amazon experience for a fly rodder as predictable and proven as the Agua Boa. 


Fishing Program


The largest of the Peacock species, the Temensis, is a primary target. But there are several other species including an active surface popper target, the abundant Butterfly Peacock, with the distinctive three markings on their side. 

Caiman, the Amazon crocodile, are a constant part of the scene.

Amazon wildlife is an important part of the adventure and the remote area surrounding the Agua Boa is an excellent place to find it.

The Jaguar is the primary predator; river otters are playful wherever they are found; a variety of monkey’s swing in the trees. Strange things that crawl can be colorful; unusual creatures of the Amazon include the Tapir. 




Some reasons for the AMAZON Agua Boa Watershed:


  • The Agua Boa is a clear water river system making sight fishing a possibility.
  • This area of the Amazon is one of the few remaining that is virtually untouched – no clear-cutting here.
  • It is a well run, remote, tropical operation - the lodge has a capacity of 12 fly fishers
  • Has its own private runway.
  • The ONLY exclusively fly fishing operation in the Amazon
  • The watershed is protected as a preserve – no destructive commercial netting or gear fishing allowed. Catch and release fly fishing is the only approach used. There is now a guard hut at the mouth with armed security to keep any potential poachers off the river.
  • The most productive approach is using a guide powered, poled skiff; however, wade fishing is possible in many places.....if you watch out for the Caiman (the Amazon crocodile).
  • No mosquitoes due to certain chemicals in the soil that don’t allow them to reproduce. There are sand flies, but I stayed “bite free” on my last trip for the first five days (ended up with two bites the last two days). The secret was covering up – no unnecessary exposed skin, but did not use a head net or repellent.
  • This is a great spot for novice fly fishers. A fly fishing newcomer will get plenty of casts to develop their skills and catch fish while they are learning. Some basic understanding of technique is helpful. 



The Lodge


Clients stay in well-furnished, air-conditioned bungalows. A main room with two double beds, a reading area, frigobar, and a large well-designed bathroom. The bungalows have hot (by solar panels) and cold running water, flushing toilets, and enough space to store all fishermen's gear. 


The lodge provides all amenities:


  • Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV
  • DVD-Player
  • Satellite phone at the Lodge
  • Standard 110 volt electricity from 5 pm to 9 am daily provided from a diesel generator
  • Outside swimming pool (20 meters)
  • Fly Shop 
  • Daily laundry service
  • Breakfast buffet with fresh fruit juices and coffee for free included
  • lunch fresh cooked at lodge or packed lunch at the river
  • Three course dinner with wine (main course is a buffet)
  • Alcohol and soft drinks (beer, wine, and Brazilian liquors)




Water levels are the key to successfully fishing the Amazon. January, February, and March are generally considered the most dependable for stable water levels with the rainy season beginning in April. The Agua Boa’s season runs from October through mid-April. 



5.950 USD - Januar-March - per person for a shared room and guide at the Agua Boa Lodge. 

4.950 USD - October-Dezember - per person for a shared room and guide at the Agua Boa Lodge. 

The rates includes the charter flights between Manaus and the lodge.



Special offer for FFTC Members

2,5% discount





  • Three meals daily, alcohol and soft drinks (beer, wine, and Brazilian liquors)
  • 6 Days fishing - 7 nights at the lodge/or at the houseboat and one night hotel stay in Manaus
  • Charter flight Manaus/Lodge/Manaus



  • Arrival into Manaus (Thursday or Friday) 
  • Transfer to Hotel in Manaus
  • Always Saturday charter flight to lodge at 6 a.m. Saturday morning. 5 a.m. pic up at the hotel - transfer to the airport. 
  • On the way at home you leave the lodge at Saturday morning after breakfast by private charter flight to Manaus. 
  • Transfer airport to hotel. You can leave Manaus on Saturday after 1 p.m. or later in the evening. 



If the Amazon is on your “wish list” and you have some open time in your schedule the next few months, you may want to consider heading south. Water levels are the lowest in recent memory in the northern Amazon where the Agua Boa is located. This concentrates the fish and keeps them from chasing the bait fish into the rainforest. It is expected to stay low throughout the remainder of the season, until early April, although there are no guarantees on the weather. 

Please contact us to arrange your personal trip during the best possible fishing season.


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