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Go Fly Fishing Slovenia - Guiding Service

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Share your passion with Fly Fishing guide(s)


We guarantee best experience - fly fishing is our passion and the rivers run through our veins.



Our Fly fishing Slovenia guide service offer professionally guided fly fishing trips for anglers on famed trout streams - Soca, Unica, Sava, Savinja, Idrijca, Krka. Inside knowledge of the rivers and relationship with the local river keepers make sure that the waters we fish are at their best. Our waters boast Marble trout, Brown trout, Rainbows, Grayling and Huchen. We know where they live and how to tempt them to take the right fly, presented the right way. Trophy fish are not uncommon, but never guaranteed!


Our clients catch fish - trust in our professional experience!


Professional Fly Fishing guides in Slovenia

Fly anglers visiting Slovenia, no matter their experience level, often do not immediately click-into fly-fishing the desired river. The obstacles may vary, from not having enough time to read the water to been overwhelmed by waters diversity. In any case a full-time professional guide is of priceless value, his experiences and skills enabling him to adjust too and assist you on your journey – speeding-up your learning curve.

Trust in pro-experience in regards to: watercraft & safety, reading the water, casting & presentation skills and fish fighting abilities.


A wild fishing experience

Go Fly fishing Slovenia guides offer professionally guided fly fishing trips in Slovenia for anglers of all skill levels.

Slovenia Mayfly Fly fishing Lodge - enjoy exclusive chalk stream haven for small groups of discerning anglers!



Our backyard boasts some of the best fly fishing Europe has to offer and it's our guides' mission to bring you the best experience possible. The great variety of Slovenian waters includes chalk streams, freestone's and lakes. This small but beautiful country has hundreds of kilometers of fishable water, which makes Fly fishing in Slovenia a fly-fisherman's dream. Whether you are a seasoned and experienced angler or a first timer who wants to learn to fly fish, our guide team will match your capabilities and desires to the right waters.



The Home Waters


The SOCA River

Fly fishing Soca river - fishing in a dream


Soca, simply stated the "first lady" of Slovenian rivers, is one of the most iconic rivers in Slovenia. A crystal-clear emerald beauty, starts its journey through the breath-taking Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps. Its upper parts in Triglav National park, painted with emerald blue pools, exchanging with faster stretches, that are easily accessible from the road. The stunning alpine river then weaves its way through several canyons. The beauty of the Soca River takes your breath away, no matter whether you are a first-time or returning visitor to this sacred space.


The fish populations are plentiful throughout the Soca. Including the native Marble trout and Adriatic Grayling, a sub-strain with bluish accent of fins, but also a rainbow trout for times when the activity is low. Also, the many smaller tributaries Lepena, Koritnica and Tolminka are delight for any serious fly fisherman. 


The KRKA River


Best Fly Fishing Guide Service at Krka River, professionally guided trophy trout tours at Krka Valley, Slovenia.


Located in south-eastern Slovenia, the Krka is a right tributary of the Sava River and is characterized by transparently green pools and numerous tufa cascades. Hence its second name, the Slovenian Green river. The water rich in limestone has formed countless brittle tufa deposits in its channel. Under cascades the pools are forming, providing a perfect keeping place for salmonid fish species. The Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout feel at home in the river’s source stretch, joined downstream by the Grayling and Danube salmon. Our fishing agency may offer you an exclusive stay at vintage Mayfly Lodge, ready to accommodate uncompromising fly fisherman and Huchen angler. Nearby spring creeks provide ample opportunities for a peaceful fly fishing.


The fishing season is open from April to the end of October, and the only fishing method allowed is fly fishing. Huchen may be pursued by fly fishing or spin fishing. Eager to experience relaxed chalk stream fly fishing in Slovenia.




Idrijca River is the largest Soca River tributary, still beholding solid populations of native marble trout and grayling. Idrijca springs in Idrijca Hils and after joining with Belca it becomes a fishable water. In upper parts dominated by brown and marble trout. This light green river pools are a fisherman’s heaven. The population of marble trout and hybrids below town of Idrija are dense and the fish trive on healthy insect diet. The Idrijca is easily accessible from the road that runs parallel to it throughout its entire length. Abounding with fish, the river offers enjoyable fishing throughout the fishing season. Don't count off enigmatic confluences Kanomlja and Cerknica, they may well surprise you. 


Marble trout – marmorata from Idrijca is the marble sub-type Idrijca, showing off a unique pigmentation pattern for this river. A reason more, for the visiting fly fisherman to put also Idrijca marble subspecies on your bucket-list. Besides Marble trout, Idrijca hides other beautiful fish as well. You can catch yourself a Brown trout, Hybrid trout a cross-breed of brown and marble, Rainbow trout and Grayling.


LAKE - Stillwater Fly fishing


Most of the fisherman who have fished or have a notion to fish Slovenia, are focused on breath taking gin-clear Rivers or prominent chalk-streams. Passing on the notion of coming to Slovenia to fish a lake, could be an opportunity wasted. The ones who dip into this realm and get to experience the Slovenian lake – catching up a title “Jurassic lake” - come back to us from the day fishing with ear to ear grins and a phone filled with big fish photos! We could vouch for the lake to be one of most prolific trophy wild trout waters in Central Europe.

Perhaps the least boring factor is the big fish potential. Every year our clients and guides catch 6-8-pound trout and sometimes even larger. We have yet to meet a client that had a bad time watching a 2-plus foot Rainbow or Brown trout cruise the flat, taking the midge pupa and jump start into backing. Besides, these fish are no hatchery fish! They are wild trout, as a result of natural reproduction and get huge on the bountiful food supply that this lake produces.


Daily itinerary

The magical mornings, where you may see pods of really big trout cruising the edges, feeding on mayfly nymphs, emergers, and rest-over of the previous day. As the midge hatch unfolds, the shallows get covered with cruising fish - sight fishing for these fish can be an amazing up close and personal experience. From ice out through August these lakes provide some dynamite fishing.


Fishing trip

All fly fishing is done floating belly boat or when conditions allow, wading or standing on the bank. Guests fish one or maximum two anglers per guide. We provide belly boats for rent.




Our Guiding Team


MSc. Saša Erlih

An avid fly fisherman with more then two decades of experiences from the field. Slovenian clear streams and brooks have enchanted him for the rest of his life. Born as water-being, moved through various waterborn sports - triathlon, free-diving, fly fishing, but forced to stay on earth. In love with Slovenian chalk streams Idrijca, Kolpa, Krka, Vipava and fascinated by wealth of resident aquatic life. No wonder sight-fishing is his favourite past time. A flyfisherman by hearth, member of Slovenian Flytying committe at Fishery Association of Slovenia, taking care for keeping the tradition of oldest flytying contest alive. Besides Slovenian also fluent in English, German and Croatian languages. 


He will help you through diversity of fishing options and move you the direction of fully fledged - unforgettable Slovenia's fly fishing experience...


Above all - enchanted by waters!




Boštjan Podbevšek

An intimate conection with and love for the waters has forged his life. Bostjan started waving a fly rod at a young age of eight. In 1983, he officially joined the large Fishery Society of Slovenia by passing fisherman states exam. Between years 1990 to 2000 passed the kayaking and rafting instructor exam and represented Slovenia as a member of national rafting team in years 1994 in Aosta, Italy and 1995 in Zambezi, Zimbabwe, receiving a world champion title. Since 2000, he has been actively working as a professional fly fishing guide. The years of guiding have enriched him with a vast experience of all Slovenian rivers. As a flytier he has been a member of International Fly Tying Competition. Bostjan has a good command of English and Croatian. He is mature and patient man, but most of all, focused and determined to give each of his clients best experience possible.



Jure Osolin

Young fly fisherman who started fishing as a child and today has more than 15 years of fly fishing experience. One of his biggest passions are fly fishing competitions; he is individual national fly-fishing champion 2018 and in the same year he also finished 10th individually in World championship in Italy. Last five years he is a member of national flyfishing team, with team Slovenia finishing second in 2019 European championship in Montenegro and winning silver medal.

He likes fishing with the nymph most, but also loves fishing with a dry fly and a streamer. He ties his own flies and speaks English and Croatian fluently. Most of his free time he stays close to the water so he knows all Slovenian rivers and its secret places well.



Our mission


Your host will take care of every detail, with a solely mission to provide first class Slovenia fishing or outdoor adventures for smaller groups, let it be family and friends, creating memories to last a lifetime.

We believe that the only way to ensure customers' safety, satisfaction and success is for the owners to be present and hands-on in absolutely every aspect of the adventure - that is our key and a promise.



Most chased fish species


Marble trout - a Queen of Slovenian Rivers

Marble trout (Salmo marmoratus) native to Adriatic basin, can only be found in rivers flowing into Adriatics. Known for its marbled pattern - also referred to as Adriatic river ghost, is considered the pride and symbol of Slovenian fly fishing. Last two decades have seen the recovery of marmorata population, which  was facing a near extinction due to release of Brown Trout into their habitat in 20th century resulting in crossbreeding. With the effort of Slovenian fishing enthusiasts, the "Marmorata" population has well recovered. 

Smaller Marble Trout rely on insects and are a common catch on nymph or dry fly, while bigger ones feed mostly on fry, small fish and make a desired trophy. The big ones grow to 130 cm (51 inch) and weight up to 22 kg (55 lbs). Realistically all fish over 70 cm (26 inch) may be considered a very good catch.  Its colouring and marbled pattern changes from river system to river system.


Experience Huchen fishing in pristine Rivers of Slovenia

Huchen or Danube salmon (Hucho hucho), magnificent salmonid known as the king of the rivers, is closely related to Mongolian Taimen. The fish of up to 90 cm (35 inch) are regular catch, while it is specimen over 110 cm (44 inches) attributed as the trophy.

In former times, a Huchen hunt has been reserved as a game of nobility, but nowadays has become accessible also to the public.

We pursue fly fishing for Huchen, but in adverse conditions rely on spinning too.  It can only be found in the Danube river basin streams and the fishing is permitted in pairs only, with a professional to ensure a proper release, on most waters under the watchful eye of fishing club companion or a fishing guide.  

Go Fly Fishing Slovenia guides are well versed in Huchen predatory habits and provide you with special flies, but also lures imitating their prey, mostly fish, minnows, mouse.


Enjoy the thrill of Huchen hunt

Season: start of October to mid February.


Specifics of Huchen fishing:

2-3 fishing days are usually enough to get a strike or a catch.

Fly fishing for Huchen requires specific skills, big flies & sinking lines/tips.

6-7 hours fishing days are optimal - split between morning hours and late afternoon. The vicinity of the lodge is therefore a big plus.


Our base - Krka Mayfly Lodge, is located right above the deep pools of Krka river, where several Hucho’s are roaming – practically being our neighbours. In vicinity we also have the Kolpa, Sora and mighty Sava River.


More affordable all-inclusive Huchen packages have been prepared just for you!




"What is the best time to fish Slovenia?" 

We hear this question from fly fisherman all the time and although an important inquiry, it depends on the priorities and time of the year.  Most anglers can find excellent fly fishing between late March through end of October.


  • March through April sees changing conditions and often results in excellent hatches with the overcast weather (great hatches of Baetis, Heptagenia, April Caddis)
  • The most consistent and enjoyable weather occurs from May till mid-July (Mayfly, Siphlonurus, Stoneflies, lively Caddis hatches)
  • Mid-July to the first September rains is popular with avid anglers and family trips (morning and evening at their best - multiple hatches of PMD and Baetis, still some strong caddis hatches, lakes are working great - midges)
  • Mid September to end of October we see a cold break and is typically suited for anglers in search of Indian season dry fly fishing for grayling and aggressive trout.
  • October till mid February - a Huchen season! Fish of one-thousand casts. Though fishing, but well worth the effort.





Guided fly fishing trips Slovenia : All trips include guide fee (day 9h, half- 5 h), all flies, leaders, tippet & snacks, soft drinks.. Daily permit not included.



There’s just something about standing in the water fly fishing that brings it back to the roots.

Our daily Wade fly fishing trips take place on a number of Rivers and Chalk streams across Slovenia.

We recommend these trips for anglers of various skill levels, from the beginners to experts.

starting at  EUR 180 per day / for Hucho 10% off




Floating the water puts fly fishing into different perspective.

Our daily Float fly fishing trips take place on a best Stillwater fisheries in Slovenia.

We recommend these trips for anglers of various skill levels, from the beginners to experts. Belly boat/boat rent incl.

starting at  EUR 215 per day





Special offer for FFTC Members

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LODGE PACKAGES incl. GUIDING also available



Please go in contact with us to plan your fishing trip in Slovenia. 


Please feel free to contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to answer any questions.


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