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Fly Fishing in Estonia?

Estonia is covered with beautiful, clean, undisturbed rivers with wild brown trout and grayling. It takes an hour drive from the centre of the capital, Tallinn, to fishing waters where you will find wild brown trout, bear trails, and rarely see any other fishermen. You can find brown trout in more than one hundred rivers and streams, and in most of them, the trout are wild.


About Estfly

Estfly is the first and most experienced fishing guide in Estonia. We have served fly fishers from all over the world since 2007. We aim to introduce beautiful Estonian nature and brown trout rivers to fly fishers from abroad.


Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned angler in search of new secrets, our guides will personally tailor the best fly fishing experience Estonia has to offer.


Our guides are expert anglers and have extensive experience with our brown trout rivers. We will plan the trip, arrange the licenses needed for the fishing tour, pick you up and take you back to the hotel or airport, and provide fishing gear and flies if needed. Feel free to contact us with your questions and inquiries. We would be happy to share our knowledge and experience.



Estfly is the first fishing guide service provider in Estonia and the most experienced in that field. We have been guiding fly fishers from all over the world, from Iceland to Indonesia.



Our guides either guide or fish on their own around 150 days a year. We know all the trout rivers, know every secret spot, and have a real-time overview of fishing conditions.



We are experts in our home waters, but we also know waters abroad, such as those in New Zealand, Slovenia, Russia, Indonesia, and Oman.





Vahur has been guiding fly fishers from all over the world for last 12 years and spends approximately 150 days a year either guiding clients or fishing on his own, learning every mood of Estonia’s picky trout. Because of his adventurous spirit, he has fished in every trout river in Estonia and found all the secrets spots. He even has names for some of Estonia’s trophy trout that he sees or catches every year.


Vahur is a regular contributor to Estonian fishing magazines and fishing books. In addition to fishing in Estonia, he has gained valuable fishing experience and tips from other countries around the world, such as New-Zealand, Russia, Slovenia, Oman, and Indonesia.



Jarko Jaadla says that he is probably the most passionate fisherman in Estonia. Because he lives in the countryside, he spends most of his days either in nature or near the water. Not only is he a fantastic fly fisherman and a river expert, but he is also an expert in lake and river fishing.


Jarko has been chasing brown trout for more than twenty years and has been our fellow guide for the last nine years. Jarko has also been the chief editor of Estonia’s biggest fishing magazine and a fishing guide on a fishing show on national TV.






We customise all our fishing trips based on our clients’ needs. Let us know what species you are most interested in, what type of river you like, if you are into quantity or trophy hunting, if you prefer easy access or true wilderness, and how many days you would like to stay. We visit the rivers almost every day during fishing season, so you can rest assured that our fishing spots will offer the best experience that Estonian trout rivers can offer during your stay.


Our guides speak English well, are very experienced in fly fishing, and have lots of stories to tell. If you are a novice angler, then we would be happy to give casting instructions and teach all the details from picking the right fly to the right moment to hook a fish. If you are an experienced angler, then we will take you to our trophy sections and share all the knowledge we have about catching these large beauties.





Our clients usually stay in cosy tourism farms or countryside accommodations near the fishing waters. Every fly fisher will have a nice and clean room, have the opportunity to have a hot sauna after the fishing day, and enjoy a barbecue in the backyard after a good fishing trip. These accommodations are budget-friendly, situated in the peaceful countryside, and located a maximum of 30 minutes from a fishing spot.


We have three different tourism farms where our clients stay, one for every fishing region. We have worked with these small family businesses for more than ten years, and they have always delivered very nice stays to our clients.


Some of our more adventures clients prefer camping in nature right next to a river. If you want to have this experience, then we can provide all the camping gear you need.


Fishing Gear

If you are on a business trip or prefer to travel light, then we would be happy to provide all the fishing gear you need for a successful fishing trip. Because we also run a small fly fishing internet shop, we have all needed fishing flies in bulk. These flies are all hand-picked for Estonian trout and grayling and have high-quality, durable hooks for strong Estonian trout.




Estonian Nature

Estonian nature is unspoiled and diverse – deserted beaches, deep forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, mysterious swamps, and rich flora and fauna are just some of our treasures. Estonia has an area of 45,215 km²—almost as large as Denmark and the Netherlands—with a population of 1.4 million. This small population density has enabled the country to preserve the natural environment better than in densely populated West European areas.


Forests and mires make up more than half of the territory of Estonia. To preserve this diverse nature, the government created an extensive network of protected areas, protecting 22% of Estonia’s land.



Rare animals like bears, wolves, and lynx inhabit our forests. Because our trout rivers flow through the wildest parts of Estonia, it’s very common to spot a moose, beaver, or roe deer while fishing. Even if you don’t see the animal itself, you can find moose droppings, beaver-chewed logs, and even fresh bear trails, which are all signs of a wild and healthy environment.



The best time for fly fishing in Estonia is from May until September. It’s possible to catch brown trout during the winter months and in the early spring, but the weather is very unpredictable and water levels are high, so it might not be so enjoyable. Summer transforms the winter wonderland into a lush summer paradise that is perfect for fishing.


Although Estonia is one of the northernmost countries in Europe, our summers are mostly warm and sunny. May and June are usually transition months when the weather could vary from cold early spring to hot summer days. During these months, having the right weather is a matter of luck, but blooming nature and mayfly hatch compensates few rainy days. The warmest and most stable months are July and August when the average temperature is around 20°C and as high as around 30°C.


The Fishery in Estonia


The Rivers

Estonia is covered with beautiful, clean, undisturbed rivers with wild brown trout and grayling. It takes an hour drive from the centre of the capital, Tallinn, to fishing waters where you will find wild brown trout, bear trails, and rarely see any other fishermen. You can find brown trout in more than one hundred rivers, and in most of them, the trout are wild. Due that fishing in Estonia is memorable and unique experience.


By European standards, our rivers are small to mid-size. Although our land is relatively flat, we have beautiful, fast-running rapids that flow through virgin coniferous forests, which are often called an extension of the Siberian taiga in Estonia. The fast-running stretches hold a good amount of fish, but the biggest trout tend to be in the slower and deeper stretches of our rivers. Therefore, our typical fishing water is slow- to medium-running chalk streams surrounded by meadows, old forests, and marshes.


Brown trout and Greyling

Brown trout is the main reason why fly fishers come here. Our rivers hold wild brown trout, which is very rare in most European countries. Our trout is very healthy and fat with a beautiful pattern and colour. They are strong fighters and selective.

The average size of a brown trout is 35-40 cm. A good-size trout in Estonia is around 50 cm. Although catching this size of fish is challenging, it is rather common. A trophy-size brown trout in Estonia is 55–65 cm. Trout that big aren’t rare, but catching them requires good skills, perfect timing, and luck.


Another fly fisher favourite target species is the grayling, which live in many trout rivers. The grayling population in Estonia is healthy, and the average grayling size in some rivers is even bigger than that average brown trout. They often range in size from 35 cm to 40 cm, but 45 cm graylings are also rather common. You can even find graylings up to 50 cm.


Type of Fishing

We have two types of trout waters in Estonia: fast-running rapids where wading is needed to reach the fish and slow-running, deeper spots where we fish from a bank. Our fast-running rapids are quite shallow, and the water speed is gentle, so you don’t ever need to worry about your safety. During the summer months, our preferred fishing method is dry fly fishing. In most of the rivers, it’s possible to catch a good-size trout or grayling with a right dry fly throughout the summer. Early in the season and in September, the trout are more into streamers. Nymphs are also widely used and usually work best during slow surface activity days.


Although our rivers’ water is mostly crystal clear during the summer months, it’s rare to practice sight fishing in our rivers due to the dark-coloured bottom. We mostly spot a fish’s location by a splash on the surface or we guess suitable spot based on previous experiences. We do, however, have two spring creeks with chalk bottoms where true sight fishing is possible.






The best season for fishing in Estonia begins in May. Then the waters flow at the normal level, nature is in bloom, the weather is warm, and both brown trout and grayling feed actively. The peak time in brown trout fishing is the mayfly hatch. This is the most eagerly awaited period in the season. Different species of mayflies hatch throughout the season, but during the mayfly hatch, the biggest species of the genus Ephemera hatch. During this time, even biggest trout in our rivers feed on the surface.


July and August are our warmest months and offer the most stable weather. These months are the most convenient for fly fishers and offer exceptional fishing. Small- to mid-size trout are very active in the rapids and feed on smaller mayflies that hatch all summer long. Big fish in the deeper stretches are always ready to bite a tasty terrestrial fly, but their most active feeding period starts in the late evening when large caddis flies are hatching.




If needed, we will pick you up from the airport or your hotel in Tallinn and return you to your desired location after the trip. If you are travelling by your own car or you have a rental car, then we can meet near the river where you can park your car, and we will drive to the riverside in the fishing guide’s car.


If you want to book a trip or hear more about fly fishing in Estonia, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an e-mail through the contact form or just give us a phone call.



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