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Come fish in one of the last wildernesses of Europe - Swedish Lapland!


Swedish Lapland and especially the Kiruna Fäll offers the fishermen absolute wilderness settings and options for every budget.

You can fish for grayling (this the THE place to go if you want to target fish over 50cm), brown trout of several kilograms, colorful arctic char, massive Atlantic salmon up to and over 30kg in weight, as well pike and perch fishing which is not yet explored.



All trips are organized individually based on your requests. It does not matter if you want to stay 5, 10, 20 or more days out. You can have a stationary camp, as well as float down rivers with inflatable canoes. You can go on your own, or have full-service with a guide.


You can sleep either in tents, basic and rustic cabins or in a lodge depending on what you prefer. Food-wise you can either do self catering, or get fullservice on the water.



Season is from July-August, late June and early September is possible as well.


Kaitum River

One of Europe's best grayling rivers - come and experience Kaitum's magic and catch grayling over 50cm!

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