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SLOVENIA - A Land Rich In Rivers.


It's a pleasure for our local guides to help you discover the secret jewel known as Slovenian fly fishing! Most of the fishing is located in the North-West part of Slovenia's Julian Alps. The waters are renowned for their sky blue glacial colours, for example the Soca river and its tributaries.

All anglers can find water that suits their fly-fishing abilities and inclinations. If you are new to fly-fishing, you can enjoy learning and improving your fishing abilities on the Sava Bohinjka or Radovna rivers. If you are an expert, you can test your stalking and rivercraft skills on the challenging Soca, Tolminka or Idrijca rivers.

Slovenia also offers natural chalk streams on the Krka and Unec, famed for their brown trout and trophy grayling.


Species diversity is the name of the game in Slovenia: you can expect to catch brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, brook trout, "Danube" salmon, or even the elusive and mysterious marble trout -THE trademark of Slovenian fly fishing!



Discover Slovenia


Slovenia is unique as a fishing destination since it offers such a wide range of fish species to target, including wild Brown trout, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Grayling and Danube salmon. It also has its own very unique trout, the famous and mysterious "ghost of Soca" the Marble trout.

Join us and share our passion for fishing in Slovenia.


Rivers we Guiding

We offer our Guiding services on all rivers in Slovenia. 

Slovenia is a small but very diverse country, which offers an incredible variety of rivers, from gin-clear alpine and freestone rivers up to mysterious natural chalk streams. It is hard to choose a favourite type of river, since they are all so different.

Each of them has its own characteristics and fish species, making it necessary to constantly adjust one´s fly fishing techniques while trying to improve every aspects of the sport from casting to fly selection and presentation.





In Slovenia, there is always some fishing to be done. Fly fishing for trout and grayling is possible from March to right through to November. No matter what the season, good fishing is guaranteed. The season for catching Danube salmon (the huchen) starts in November and lasts until February. On most rivers the spinning technique is used, but it is possible to catch them on the fly, especially on upper Sava and Sora rivers.



n early Spring comes the thaw. Some rivers – such as the Soca - may have snowmelt, so we fish the tributaries which are equally beautiful and provide very good fishing. April can be a very rainy month, and the rain can result in too high a water level. No problem if you know the secrets, and we know them all. The different rivers in the system have two to three days delay from the main flow, and at such times, we fish these, returning to the main rivers when the level has settled. With us to guide you, there is just no way to avoid catching fish! 

If the weather is sunny, we will be fishing the dry fly during the daytime.



In Summer (July, August) fishing is excellent. The temperature can be hot on some rivers, but we know all the secret creeks and tributaries where there is more cover, it is cooler, and the fishing sensational. In summer no worries about snowmelt or high water levels. And if it is sunny and hot, the evening hatches are not to be missed.



Autumn (September, October, November) is the time when all the Salmonid family starts to feed more intensively, preparing for long winter when there will be few, if any, insects hatching. The scenery changes dramatically, with the leaves turning from green to their brilliant red, gold and brown Autumn colours. Days become shorter with usually no evening hatches such as we enjoy in the summer, but if the sun comes out, which it often does, you will catch fish on the dry fly during the daytime.



Winter time is the special season reserved for Danube salmon. You can spin or use your fly rod, whichever technique suits you best. These “huchen” are an elusive quarry, but it is full reward when you land your first 40 inch land locked salmon. Aside from fishing, the Slovenian winter can offer a lot of other sporting activities, such as skiing, tobogganing or sledding downhill from mountain huts, by day or night. We are experts at all these things, and licensed to provide these activities. We are at your service, dear guests!



Packages vary - depending on accomodation and rivers - sample packages as follow:


"Three Rivers"
1 guest / 3 fishing days / 4 nights 3*** B&B / incl. River licenses
Total: 1080 EUR 
(includes 630 EUR guiding rate)


"Three Rivers"

2 guests sharing guide / 3 fishing days / 4 nights 3*** B&B / incl. River licenses

Total: 805 EUR pp

(includes 375 EUR guiding rate)



"Discover Slovenia"

1 guest / 5 fishing days / 6 nights 3*** B&B / incl. River licenses

Total: 1510 EUR 

(includes 1050 EUR guiding rate)



"Discover Slovenia"

2 guests sharing guide / 5 fishing days / 6 nights 3*** B&B / incl. River licenses

Total: 1085 EUR 

(includes 625 EUR guiding rate)



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The range of accommodation is to suit you: from 3*** family run Bed and Breakfast to luxurious 5**** hotels, we can make all the arrangements. Or, if you prefer, we can suggest and leave you to decide what suits you best. If you book longer than three days fishing, we suggest two different locations; one near lake Bled or Bohinj; and one on the other side of the Alps in the Soca valley - to minimize morning driving to the best fishing spots.




We help you to plan your trip - starting by selecting the River. Slovenia is also perfect for a long weekend trip within Europe. 





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