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River ANTON - Upper Clatford

  • Description: Set in the heart of Hampshire, the gin-clear chalkstream waters of the River Anton are a delight for any river angler.

The Upper Clatford beat is the perfect opportunity for classic sight fishing with the dry fly. A tributary of the River Test the Anton has a natural head of brown trout and large grayling, which are supplemented by carefully selected locally reared brown trout.

Mostly fished from the bank, the beat does however have a wading section from the weir to the top boundary. Please note this is dry fly only until the end of July and restricted to two-rod bookings. There is a fishing hut and parking.


  • Price: From GBP 49 /rod day

River DUN - Dunbridge

  • Description: The River Dun is one of the most important of the River Test tributaries, rising above Lockerley and joining the main river at Mottisfont Abbey. Dunbridge is a little bit of chalkstream heaven, immaculately maintained with great fishing for one rod or two friends. There are deep pools, fast riffles and plenty of shaded cover from the opposite bank that encourage fish to rise throughout the day. The river holds wild trout, grayling plus some really very large fish. Of all our beats this is one that regularly gets an evening rise.

If you don’t have a car, the train station in Dunbridge village connects to London in around two hours.


  • Price: From GBP 195 / rod day

River DUN - School Farm

  • Description: The River Dun is one of the most substantial of the River Test tributaries, rising above Lockerley and joining the main river at Mottisfont. The School Farm beat lies at about the mid-point, gently snaking through the lightly wooded valley and holding fish along its entire length.


School Farm is one of the most immaculately maintained estates in the river valley, with five-star facilities for the fisherman. The beat is very well stocked with both brown and rainbow trout, the fishing offering a variety of glides, weirs and a hatch pool in a peaceful setting.


  • Price: From GBP 204 / rod day

River ITCHEN - Avington

  • Description: The River Itchen carrier at Avington is the perfect example of a small, gin-clear chalkstream where sight fishing is very much the order of the day. The fast flowing stream has plenty of small wild brownies, supplemented by brown trout that are reared at Avington. 

The facilities are second to none with a comprehensive tackle shop, run by the ever helpful fishery manager Sam, plus a café and smokery. The carriers are part of the famous Avington Lakes Fishery, home to many British trout records. 

This is all bank fishing where it is best to use a rod of around 8ft in the 3 weight range with dry fly or nymph, the latter allowed all season provided they are traditional chalkstream patterns. There are two beats; the Lower is suitable for one rod or two friends. The upper is for a single Rod. 


  • Price: From 35 GBP / rod day

River ITCHEN - East Lodge

  • Description: East Lodge has over 2 miles of fishing in meadows that are just a few miles downstream of Winchester.

With a nod to tradition this is all dry fly with a great variety of water to cover. The main river is open and easy to fish, whilst Rosemary’s Leat, a fast following side stream that cuts across the water meadows, is the very essence of a chalkstream. It is all under the care of full time keeper, Rob Rees.

There is an impressive fishing lodge with every facility. The fishing is available for single rods or parties of up to ten. Take four rods or more for exclusive use.


  • Price: from GBP 200 / rod day

River ITCHEN - Kanara 

  • Description: Kanara has one of the longest histories of any day rod fishery, dating way back to the late 1960’s when the late ‘Scrappy’ Hay of the Rod Box almost invented the concept at a time when most of the best water was impossible to access.

This is a true wading beat. Yes, there are a few sections to fish from the bank but once you are in with your chest waders you will not want to get out. There are deep slow sections, fast riffle, plenty of overhangs and undercuts, plus weirs and a huge hatch pool.

The fish are both wild and stocked, with both salmon and sea trout often seen. This is a beat for one or two Rods. 


  • Price: from GBP 85 / rod day

River ITCHEN - Qing Ya Xi Lodge

  • Description: Formerly known as Kingfisher Lodge, Qing Ya Xi, which roughly translates as 'tranquil water' from the original Mandarin, is a truly delightful fishery.

This is really three beats within a single beat: the leat, the navigation and the main river proper. The fast, tumbling leat has a host of wild fish, the slower flowing navigation the big, fussy fish and the main River Itchen ideal for sight fishing.

With great variety, a lovely fishing room and plenty of scope to wander this is ideal for a single Rod or parties of two or three.


  • Price: from GBP 100 / rod day

River ITCHEN - Shawford Park

  • Description: Shawford Park is a hidden gem in the grounds of the magnificent Shawford Park House that dates back to the fifteenth century.

The private estate employs full time river keeper Pete Glyn-Jones who has looked after the fishing for a decade with great care. There are two beats, both of which you will fish, one on the main river and the other a fast carrier. In total they provide close to a mile of water in wonderful surroundings.

There is the option to wade the carrier of you wish, but you’ll have no problem if you want to stay on the bank. The fishing is available for single rods or parties of up to four. There is a simple fishing hut and easy parking.


  • Price: From GBP 195 / rod day

River MEON - Exton Manor Farm

  • Description: The River Meon is one of the most untouched of all the southern chalkstreams, weaving its way through the lovely Meon valley. Exton Manor Farm is very much a family affair having been fished by three generations, with great grandson Sam Martin now the custodian and river keeper. 

This is an all wild trout, all catch and release beat that rewards delicate presentation and careful fly selection. It is best fished with speculative casting in the riffles alongside the weed beds or waiting for a fish to peck the surface. Dry fly accounts for 95% of the fish caught or risen.

Wading is essential, but hip/thigh waders are sufficient.


  • Price: from GBP 75 / rod day