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River KENNET - Barton Court

  • Description: The three miles of the River Kennet at Barton Court lie to the east of Hungerford, generally regarded as the best section of this Berkshire chalkstream. It is stocked with both brown and rainbow trout and rods have free range over the entire system of main river, carriers and side streams. 

With a four fish limit, with catch and release thereafter, good facilities and easy access, Barton Court offers everything you could want from a day’s fishing.

  • Price: From GBP 130 / rod / day

River KENNET -  Benham Estate


  • Description: The Benham Estate has by some considerable margin more chalkstream fishing that any other estate in the whole of Berkshire.

The Park is a delightful mix of fishing with the larger main river, criss-crossed by a variety of carriers and side streams which all adds up to something in the region of five miles of water. The fishing is mostly from the bank, though on occasion you may be able to wade some of the small stream sections. There is an excellent head of wild fish supplemented by with regular stocking.

The full-time river keeper Gary Allen will usually be on hand to greet you and there is a fishing cabin beside the river with parking immediately adjacent.

  • Price: from GBP 168 / rod / day

River KENNET -  Craven Fishery

  • Description: The Craven Fishery has a long and illustrious past that at one time or another has hosted all the angling greats.

The fishery is a mixture of main river and a shorter section of what would have been in times past a milling channel. There are several weir structures that bisect the main channel, the largest of which is the top weir which was constructed to provide a head of water for milling but our historic legacy is a great pool for big fish. In all the river extends to roughly 1.2 miles.

One of the new breed of young river keepers, Josh Purton, is working hard on habitat improvement for both trout and angler.

  • Price: from GBP 165 / rod / day

River LAMBOURN - Donnington Grove

  • Description: Often overlooked the Lambourn is truly very special; it is one of the few chalkstreams that has absolutely no abstraction and has the coldest water of any in southern England.

Gin-clear and fast flowing this Berkshire gem is the perfect stream in which wild brown trout and grayling thrive. The latter are famously hard to catch, which led legendary river keeper and creator of the Pheasant Tail Nymph, Frank Sawyer to turn down many an invite on the grounds that they were “too darned hard to catch”.

This is an all wading beat that is ideal for one Rod or two friends fishing together. 

We have stocked the hotel lake with a few rainbows which you are welcome to fish for on a catch-and-release basis at no extra charge.


  • Price: from GBP 80 / two