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What do you need to know about us?


  • We started this journey in 2017 
  • Our ambitious goal is to build up an online home for the Traveling FlyFisher worldwide
  • For sure there are some regions missing but we will see to it!
  • The number of members is growing rapidly 
  • We are working hard to become the biggest FlyFisher Club Community in the world!
  • You can be a part of it - to get all advantages - join us with the FFTC.club Membership!
  • FFTC Vouchers for booking Guiding Services 25 USD off the regular rate
  • FFTC Vouchers for booking Destinations 75 USD off the regular rate
  • If you book both you get 100 USD off the regular rate
  • Special offers up to 15% off of the full rate of your chosen FlyFishing trip package
  • We add new digital FFTC Member profiles regularly
  • Exclusive access to our Smart Travel Services (flights, hotels, rental cars and ferries)


We invite you to browse the FFTC Members Area to get inspired for your next FlyFishing trip!

A short overview

  • Free access
  • Destinations and Guiding Services from 39 countries around the world
  • 250 and 300 profiles around the world
  • Savings for every booking with special signs on the profile (vouchers / special offers available)
  • Savings only with a valid active FFTC.club Membership
  • Exclusive access to our Smart Travel Services (easy booking of your flights, hotels, rental cars and ferries)
  • FFTC.club Membership starts from 51,80 USD per year
  • Our FFTC Guest Members are hand selected - all of them are worth to know in their region
  • Our FFTC Guest Members offers you hosting, guiding services and sometimes access to private waters
  • The FFTC Guest Members' websites are very helpful if you plan the trip yourself
  • Brands Inside section with latest news from world known fly fishing industry brands on your hand 

You like to go for a FFTC Membership?

You intend to book your next trip to a destination from one of our FFTC Members and you wish to redeem a FFTC voucher or to make use of a special offer discount? Please select your FFTC Membership first. 

PS.: Are you asking yourself, why the fishes on the pattern above look so scared?

Well, because of you! You are going to plan your next Fly Fishing trip to them!   ;-)